Partnering with Toyota and Conill Advertising the Tundra Charreadas program promoted the launch of the NG (Next Generation) Tundra in an authentic manner to the hard to reach target demographic. Consumers were immersed into an original Charreadas environment. The activity area itself was keyhole-shaped to emulate the lienzo (official Charreadas arena), complete with the painted, distressed wood walls with hay bales spread throughout. Bilingual brand ambassadors in custom Tundra Latino western wear greeted consumers as they entered and helped them through the activities. Each consumer activity was based upon one of the Charreadas events while at the same time demonstrating one of the NG Tundra’s features (i.e. increased hauling/towing capacity and size).

An immersive mobile museum provided a strong emotional connection for the consumer with the NG Tundra and the history of the Charreadas through state-of-the-art technology and exhibits of actual historic competition, apparel, photography, memorabilia, and equipment.

The tour took place at Charreadas competitions around the country, and based on its success, was renewed for a second tour.

Learning about the Tundra through engaging activities.
Learning about the towing capacity.
Riding the Tundra bull.
Visitors learning about the history of Charreadas.
Brand Ambassadors welcome the crowds.
Consumers registering to participate.
Winning the Tundra Charreadas competition.
Lienzo shaped activation footprint.
Winning the Tundra Charreadas competition.
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