The Toyota sponsorship activation of the 2017 Gold Cup Tournament excited and connected the Toyota brand and vehicles with the target Hispanic demo through soccer themed experiences. Each experience showcased key vehicle features through the perfect balance of cutting edge technology and traditional fandom activities.

Partnering with Conill Advertising, the family friendly experience brought the Dale Duro (Give it your all) campaign to life. The consumer experiences included the Digital Dale Duro Power Kick which measured the velocity of consumers’ kicks; the Dale Duro Agility Game which tested consumers’ speed, quickness, and agility as they attempted to block a kick, and the Toyota Player Card game that assigned a soccer position based on the consumers’ favorite vehicle features. Other activities included the Toyota Dale Duro Con Todo Celebration photo-op, team color face painting and Best Seat in House tournament tickets for those who participated in the vehicle tours.

Thematic decor elements were located throughout the footprint to bring to life the rugged Tundra Dale Duro spirit, and uniformed brand ambassadors captured consumer data while distributing Toyota branded premiums.

Powered with the objective to introduce the all-new Tundra and C-HR to the Hispanic audience, the Dale Duro Experience gained leads that surpassed all goals, and made boundless number of new Toyota fans during the nine market tour.

Digital Dale Duro Power Kick
Dale Duro Agility Game
Gold Cup Player Meet and Greet
Toyota Dale Duro Con Todo Celebration photo-op
Best-Seat-In-The-House Ticket Winners
Enjoying the Tundra Features
Team Color Face Painting
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