The RAV4 Experience took guests on an exciting and interactive journey to discover the new features of the vehicle – increased hoursepower, larger cargo space and improved gas milage. From personal RAV4 driver’s licenses, to the Cargo Room Challenge, a Human Horsepower generator and road side signs indicating gas milage (rather than distance), each element of the trip reinforced the benefits of the RAV4 in an authentic way that resonated with the target consumer.


  • Ex Award – Best Mall Promotion
Brand Ambassadors preparing the crowd to take the RAV4 "road trip."
Demonstrating the increased cargo space.
Learning about the features of the RAV4.
Trying to match the RAV4 horsepower.
The winner of the Grand Ex for Activision's XP continues to be en fuego with some of the most relevant, strategic, creative, and perfectly deployed work.

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