Burrell Communications and NCompass partnered with Pan-African Weekend to give Toyota the opportunity to drive brand engagements and impressions on a new terrain.

With a new ethnic audience base comprised of native Africans residing in New York City and abroad, the automaker had an exclusive chance to immerse the brand in a new community, with the all-new Camry serving as the welcome mat.

The four-day activation plan was crafted as an extension of Pan-African culture through thematic vehicle activations at the Women’s Forum, Networking Mixer, Awards Gala and Jazz Brunch. The consumer engagement at each event was tailored to highlight the event theme – women’s issues, introduction of people and cultures, celebrating accomplishments and music.

Each activation goal was to foster storytelling and bring together the elaborate ties of the Pan-African community in Toyota fashion.  Mission completed.

The all-new camry takes red carpet worthy attention at the awards gala
Good times caught inside the camry photo booth
Final look and branding of in-vehicle photo
Toyota vip experience winners strike a pose at their table
Networking event guests show off their toyota custom name badges utilizing authentic Adinkra tribe symbols.
The winner of the Grand Ex for Activision's XP continues to be en fuego with some of the most relevant, strategic, creative, and perfectly deployed work.

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