During four action packed days, a sea of tens of thousands of people rushed Petco Park for the Nerdist Conival at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

NCompass, with Legendary Digital Networks and Nerdist Industries, created their first ever stand-alone event at Comic-Con – Conival. This free experience was for all ages and was the premier destination throughout the conference. Sponsored activations weaved throughout the space with photo-ops and gaming experiences providing constant unique consumer engagement.

Highlighted in Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top 20 best things from Comic-Con 2015, Conival had many offerings to its diverse fan base. The main draw to Conival was the custom-built larger than life laser tag course, modeled after 2k’s new game, Battleborn. The course drew over 3,200 participants over 25 hours of gameplay. Exclusive event programming from the Nerdist Stage included major talent such as Daniel Radcliff of the Harry Potter Series and Slash from Guns and Roses giving intimate interviews to the audience, which was a major draw.

With three key brands, eleven partners, six photo ops, two hand-to-hand activities, 750 rounds of gameplay and a chock-full programming schedule on two stages, Conival from Legendary Digital Networks was an overwhelming success.

Legendary Films Jurassic World Lego Raptors
Comic-Con community favorites Daniel Radcliffe, Elijah Wood, M. Night Shyamalan, Deadmau5 and other celebrities participated in panels and interviews on the Nerdist Interview Stage
Comic Con Fans having a blast at the Nerdist Laser Tag Course
Overview of the Nerdist Laser Tag Course
Geek & Sundry Medieval Jousting
Google Cardboard virtual reality station
Tons of fan-centric programming and events
Attendees having fun in the Crayola Corner
Highlighted in Rolling Stone magazine as one of the Top 20 Best Things from Comic-Con 2015
NCompass has shown the world how live experiences are evolving: totally integrated, completely wired – and always focused on generating sales.

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