During SIGGRAPH  AMD and Radeon Technologies Group delivered an awe inspiring demonstration of revolutionary technology that excited attendees about the possibility of accomplishing the impossible with Radeon Pro.

The 2nd Capsaicin event  hosted over 500 press and consumers and streamed live to 60K+ viewers all across the world announcing the new Radeon™ Pro WX-Series product line up, Radeon™  Pro SSG product line up,  Project Loom,  and highlighting the exciting partnerships with entertainment, education and movie industry partners, including Unity,  USC, The Foundry, Third Floor, Otoy and more.

Following the event, guests were able to get a hands-on demonstration on the roof top deck of the Hilton, including:

  • 8K Video Playback (on-stage and during cocktail hour)
  • Radeon ProRender SSG
  • High Dynamic Range Video & Gaming / Polaris 10 & 11
  • Blender  + 3DS + Rhino + TAN  / Radeon ProRender
  • Virtual Reality with HTC Vive / Radeon Pro
  • Virtual Reality with Oculus CV1 / Radeon Pro
  • Racing Simulator with Oculus / Radeon Pro
Guests demo the Radeon Pro processor.
The Capsaicin reception.
Behind the scenes of the AMD livestream.
Guests learning about Radeon Pro technology.
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