5 Tips That Make A Great MC


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Whether you are in the business of producing events or you are looking for work as a host or master of ceremonies (MC) the following tips will help you get the party started and keep the party going! Being an MC isn’t for everyone. If you tend to get nervous or anxious speaking in front of large crowds, perhaps this line of work isn’t your cup of tea. A good MC can create excitement and energy at any event, while a bad MC can kill the event vibe and cause all your other efforts to fall short. A lot rides on their shoulders.

We sat down with our own, Rod Wynn, Production Manager and MC when asked. Rod has never met a camera he didn’t like! We asked him for some tips on how to be a great MC and he delivered some excellent advice.


1. Do your research

Find out as much as you can about the event itself. Is this the first year? How many people will be in attendance? Who is the client? What sorts of things have they done before? Research is the key to being prepared. And being prepared is the key to confidence once you find yourself on stage and ready to hype the crowd!


2. Rehearse

Most of the time there will be a schedule that outlines the run of show. The client may even provide the MC with bullet points that they want to emphasize during the event. Spend as much time as you can with the information provided and really work on your material. Knowing what, when and how you plan to speak will allow you to come across professional and prepared. When possible, request a confidence monitor. Note cards can be distracting and cause for awkward pauses in your presentation, make sure you know what’s coming next and don’t need too many prompts to get there.


3. Get the crowd on your side

Be warm and welcoming. When you hit the stage exemplify the energy you wish to see mirrored in the audience. If you have ever done any improve this is probably the best example of how to utilize those skills. Do some crowd work, perhaps singling out a few people in the audience who are having a good time and encourage them to keep it going. Keeping it positive is paramount. You aren’t doing stand up where picking on audience members is funny, your trying to be inclusive and bring everyone along to the party. Big smiles go a long way in winning the day.


4. Dress the part

It might seem obvious but you are representing a client or a brand that has asked you to a part of their event. You will want to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. If the event décor has a theme or a color scheme, match it. If the client has a color story, going out of your way to look like you belong is a great way to win over the brand and get future work. Gage the tone of the evening and dress one step above it. If the attendees are a festival crowd, perhaps you are wearing a dress shirt and nice jeans, instead of a tank top and flip flops. If the attendees will most likely be in jeans and t-shirts, wear a dress or sport coat. You will be the face and voice of the event, set yourself up to be recognized as such.


5. Make sure you are a fit

Yes, you want to be an MC and you want every opportunity to get on that stage and dazzle the crowd, but sometimes you are doing yourself and the client a disservice if you aren’t the right fit. Consider the event, the demographic, the subject matter, and the location. Will the audience in attendance find you relatable? Do you possess enough information and interest to credibly represent the client? If you are asked to MC a moto-x event but you don’t know the first thing about the athletes or you never attended a moto-x event in your life, maybe you aren’t the very best fit. You won’t be excited to host, and the crowd will instantly catch on to your inauthentic enthusiasm. Being professional is knowing when to stretch your skills and when to pass on an opportunity. If you find you are not a fit for a specific event, try to recommend some people you believe might be, and hopefully one day they will return the favor.

Getting in front of an audience and navigating the agenda for the day are skills that not everyone possesses. As experiential marketers sometimes we are put into situations where someone on the team becomes responsible to do the announcements or help move the show along. Be sure that you consider this aspect when planning, and hire the right MC to make your event spectacular!

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