We create wow moments
that inspire connections
between brands and people.

Who We Are

We are a diverse team. Built on respect. And zero assholes.

Our employees are family. One big, genetically different family full of talented people. Never forgetting to have a little fun along the way. Never sacrificing the value of people for the work they produce.

1. Who has jumped out of a helicopter to ski down a mountain?

2. Who was born on the same day that Hurricane Donna took the world by storm?

3. Who threw the first pitch at the Oakland A's baseball game - dressed as Yogi The Bear?

4. Who used to be Steven Tyler's personal assistant?

5. Who turned down being a Debutant?

6. Who used to be a lead singer in a rock band with big hair and make up?

7. Who was the head of the North Side High School Scholastic Bowl Team?

8. Who performed in Bangladesh?

9. Who lived in Ireland and worked for an animation company?

10. Who was Creative Director for Cartoon Network?

11. Who has lived in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville?

12. Who is a certified wedding officiant?

13. Who has not missed a day of work since they started at NCompass three years ago?

14. Who worked in the Moscow government "City of Moscow Cultural Heritage Committee" for 2 years?

15. Who spent a summer on tour as a marionette puppeteer?

16. Who made Jackass-style videos before Jackass even existed?

17. Who is a closet Socialist?

18. Who was one of the headline performers in the Atlantic City Puerto Rican Festival?

19. Who went to college on a volleyball scholarship?

20. Who used to MC for the WNBA?

21. Who is allergic to silver, leather and pork?

22. Who likes dating penguins?

23. Who has worked for Saturday Night Live?

24. Who is a brilliant photographer who prints her own work?

25. Who likes to watch and listen to light classical music?

26. Who was on the local evening news for plowing over the catcher in her Little League Softball game?

27. Who as a child trained to be a professional skier?

28. Who was an activist during the Anti-Apartheid South Africa movement?

29. Who worked for MTV as a writer?

30. Who has a degree in Health, Science and Biology?

31. Who played soccer in High School and College?

32. Who was born in Israel?

33. Who is a musical theater genius and has performed off-Broadway?

34. Who played the flute at International Band Camp?

35. Who was on a episode of Millionaire Matchmaker last year?

36. Whose first job was a professional Polynesian dancer in Florida?

37. Who was a certified ski Instructor?

38. Who once danced on stage with Prince?

39. Who can solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes?

40. Who was a pro-Madden player and competitive bass fisherman?

41. Who has been a cake decorator, snow plow operator and paperboy?

42. Who worked in the IT Department in college?

43. Who once stole a 4-foot ball python and kept it in her Dad's Boss's bathtub?

44. Who organized a summertime snowball fight on the beach in England?

45. Who has been part of protest movements since the Vietnam War?

46. Who missed his high school graduation to tour as a roadie with bands?

47. Who got an F in high school Japanese due to his surfing habit?

48. Who has an obsession with Gene Kelly?

49. Who used to be a Mortgage Loan officer?

50. Who used to be on Baywatch?

51. Who moved to Kansas for eight months to do a character study for a screenplay?

52. Who has a family ranch?

53. Whose aunt was a Witch Doctor of Mayan descent?

54. Who played the trumpet in marching & jazz band from junior high school through high school?

55. Who secretly dreams about attending culinary school and becoming a chef?

56. Who used to teach swing dance workshops?

What We Do

You may be a bit fuzzy on the details, but you always remember the moment you were swept off your feet.

It’s the warehouse full of gaming. It’s the personal shout out from your hero. It’s the front of the line. We bring brands to life in a way that sticks with people. They didn’t just see it, they lived it.

How We Do It

We make meaningful introductions to lifelong friendships.

Every friendship begins with an introduction. We introduce people to brands in ways they’ll remember as their own, but have to share with others.

Doing It Around The World


  • Capability Coverage


  • 1 Los Angeles


  • 2 Seattle

  • 3 Atlanta

  • 4 New York City

  • 5 Chicago

  • 6 Park City

  • 7 London

  • 8 Mexico City

  • 9 Rio De Janeiro

  • 10 Denver

  • 11 Toronto

  • 12 Vienna

  • 13 Melbourne

For Whom

Brands and people. Real Connections.

Nothing bonds people like shared experience. We create those experiences that become the basis of new connections.

Jaw Dropping



We Fearlessly Deliver




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